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The Rancho Verde Story: Part 2 – The Partners

Rancho Verde partners John Mallick and Chris Green have jointly undertaken a variety of development projects since meeting in 1978 in Europe.

John was born in the US but raised primarily in Ireland before joining the US Marine Corps followed by attending the University of California, Berkeley and graduating in Law. John practiced mainly in the San Francisco area before moving to Paris, France, his current residence. John is married with a son, granddaughter and daughter who live, respectively, in Miami and San Francisco. John enjoys sailing, skiing and horseback riding and jumping.

Chris was born in Canada, graduated from the University of British Columbia in Civil Engineering and worked for several years with a consulting engineering firm before joining Xerox. Chris was involved in the syndication of a number of projects, primarily real estate based, and met John as a result of one of these projects. Chris is married with four sons and 5 grandchildren all of whom are resident in the Vancouver area. Chris enjoys skiing and mountain biking.

The partners shared a vision for Rancho Verde as a mountain community in New Mexico that include providing excellent view lots with surrounding open spaces.