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    Rancho Verde Story: Part 5 – Open Space

    John and Chris have recognized, through the 245 acres of permanently dedicated Open Space, that there were areas within the sub-division which were environmentally sensitive and which should be protected for future generations to enjoy. This Open Space has been dedicated on a permanent basis to the Rancho Verde Homeowners Association through which its by-laws are applied to the Open Space to ensure that all usage is compliant with those by-laws. The RVHOA maintains liability insurance for the Open Space although there is specific insurance coverage provided through an agency of the Federal Government for usage of lands available to the public.

    In addition, Rancho Verde features an extensive network of game trails which interconnects the Green Space to enable residents to hike, bike or horseback ride over an extensive area with varied terrain right from their new home on their view lot. Hawks, eagles, rabbits, deer and the very occasional bear can be sighted in the Open Space.