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The Rancho Verde Story: Part 3 – Development Philosophy

The development philosophy of John and Chris was to create a uniquely livable community in Rancho Verde which, through thoughtful Restrictive Covenants, encouraged the integration of homes into the terrain via the use of building envelopes and specific design criteria. Within these criteria, the objective was to maximize the amount of individual expression as each homeowner will have different objectives and preferences. Properly executed, together with well planned roadways and permanently dedicated open spaces, the overall look and feel of Rancho Verde should be one where the predominant effect is that a sense of balance and harmony exits with the natural features such as trees, terrain and views. Most first time visitors to Rancho Verde are quite astonished to hear, after touring the entire sub-division, that it contains 65 homes as these homes do not collectively dominate but rather nestle into the terrain in a natural fashion.  Rancho Verde is truly a unique mountain community in the East Mountains of New Mexico.